mesauch, v.t.break off (branch of tree, etc.) at base or node; break (someone's limb) at joint; open (someone's mouth) wide by force; carry (child) with (child's) legs straddling one's side; handle (child) roughly; spread (legs, etc.) apart.
mesauch a ngmai el choroid; souchii a buuch; smauch a diak el buchel; suchel. a mesauch er ngii el buuch. a mesauch; nguubet el choroid; mla smauch a buchek; souchii, suchel.
kesauchv.recip.break (each other's limbs).
kesauch a didu el mesauch; souchii a buuch, smauch, melai er a chetebtel; suchel.
v.r.s.broken off.
klouechel a selauch; nglai, chad a mla souchii a buchek; mla mesauch a buuch; suchel.
mesesusauchv.erg.redup.easily broken off.
mesesusauch a beot el mesauch, beot el mengubet er a olsechelel; ochil a malk a mesesusauch.
mesusauchv.t.redup.handle (child) rather roughly.
selauchv.r.s.broken off; (child) carried at side with legs astraddle.
selauch a mla mesauch; nglai, buuch a selauch, souchii, smauch, suchel.
/souechel to be broken off.
souechel a kirel el mesauch; souchii a buuch; mesauch; buuch a souechel; suchel.
See also:
> I'm not very good at climbing betel nut trees/harvesting them.
More Examples:
> My brother used to get the betelnuts. Now that he left, it's my duty.
> We went to pick the betelnuts on the hills but when we got there, someone already picked them.
> Did you ask and getting that betel nut?

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