menglou, v.t.enlarge; amplify; make louder; increase in size.
menglou a rullii el kuk mo klou; kilungii a ngerel; kilou a beltik el reng; menglou a omeruul e mengkekerei a omelekoi. a menglou er ngii; mo kiei a rengum el diak omedakd. a menglou; remuul el mo meklou, kilungel. to be enlarged or increased in size.
kilungall a kirel el mo klou; osarech a rengmiu; menglou, mo kiei a rengmiu; rengud a rechad a kilungall, kilungii a rengum, mo diak el sebek a rengum; kilungel a reng.
menglou er a ngerelexpr.brag; boast; have a big mouth.
menglou er a rengulexpr.try to make (someone, oneself) patient; assure; take edge of one's hunger.
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