menged, v.t.put or place down; lay (hands) over or on someone.
menged a kmedii; loia er a bebul; menged a belatong er a tebel; kedil a belatong.
/kmedir a menged er ngii; nguu el loia er a bebul.
/kiledir a menged; locha er a bebul; kmedii a babier er a tebel, kmed a kall er a ulaol. to be put or placed down.
kdoel a kirel el meked; kmedii a til, kmed a kall, menged er a tebel, kedeel a kall, lochang er a ulaol.
v.r.s.put or placed down.
kled a kldoel; menged, babier kled er a bebul a tebel.
kldoel a kled; medechel, delik, ollumel a kldoel er a tebel, kmedii, kedel.
See also:
> Is Droteo going to cut off branches from a tree?
> Put the cup on the table; John was putting the cup on the table (just now, recently); John put the cup on the table (yesterday, a week ago, etc.).
More Examples:
> You are like the clam of bengall, never moves an inch but always adored.

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