mengabs, v.t.hang with rope, etc.; commit suicide by hanging; defeat (someone) by getting special hand in hanahuda (card game).
mengabs a kobsii; kuabs a tuu er a kerrekar; kebsel. a mengabs er ngii. a mengabs; kobsii, kuabs a tuu, kebsel.
kakabsv.recip.hang each other (in wrestling).
kakabs a didu el mengabs; kekerous el melecherakl; kobsii, kuabs, kakabs a tuu er a blai, kebsel.
/kebsall to be hung.
kebikl a kirel el mekabs; metecherakl, kobsii, kuabs a tuu, kebsel.
kebsall a kebikl; kirel mekabs.
v.r.s.hung with rope; etc.; defeated (in hanahuda = card game).
klabs a mla mekabs; tuu a klebikl, kebsel.
klebikl a klabs.
mekabs er a tangexpr.lose to nanatang (high value scoring combination).
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