chelsel, n.poss.3sinside; within.
chelsel a diak el ikr; chelsel a rengul, chelsel a blai.
chelsel a or among the coral.
chelsel a blsibsexpr.inside of the hole.
chelsel a the food.
chelsel a klengarexpr.within (one's) lifetime.
chelsel a skidasexpr.inside of the drawer.
chelsel a the channel.
> The river was shallow in a few weeks.
> The tide went out in a few hours.
> Pour the coconut milk in the pot.
> My friends finished swimming in an hour.
> They found their presents in an hour.
> Inside child.
A child of the inside is a member of an elite lineage, one who is not bashful before elite persons.
More Examples:
> Put the breadfruit in the pot.
> I didn't see them in the men's club house.
> Pour the coconut milk in the pot.
klengar, n.existence; life.
klengar a ngar; ngar er ngii a telil; outeliil a chad; klengar a okedeldaol, kemanget a klengar er ngii.
melai a klengarv.t.take someone's life; kill.
kedeb a klengarexpr.have short life span.
kemanget a klengar expr.have long life span.
> His life was cut short.
More Examples:
> I am the good Shepherd. The good Shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.
> What is the most important in your life?

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