kloi, n.r.s.corpse not yet buried.
kloi a blengkangk el diak a telil; mo er ker a beldokel? a bedengel a ulekoad a mo kloi er a bai.
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mengoi, v.t.place (boat) on supports (in boathouse); move (boat) up from shore to boathouse.
mengoi a kmedii; kmoi a diak a telil; kmongii a chad er a bai; kmongii a mlai; kongel.
kmongii a mengoi er ngii.
kmoiv.pf.3p.inan.kmoi a mengoi; olengasech er a klechutem, kmoi a mlai er a diangel, kmongii, kongel a mlai.
kongeln.poss.3skongel a omengoi er ngii el mlai.
kloiv.r.s.(boat) placed on supports.
kloi a mla mekoi; kloi a bos; ng mla ngmasech er a meched; ngar er a koi, kmongii, kmoi, kongel.
kongallv.a.s.(boat) is to be placed on supports.
kongall a kirel el mekoi; mo er a koi; mlai a kongall.
mekoiv.erg.(boat) run aground or get stuck (on reef, etc.).
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