klulaul, n.sleepiness.
klulaul a mesulaul; olengellokl, mesululang, a leko di bo lemechiuaiu; klululel.
klululeln.poss.3sklululel a klulaul er ngii; mesulaul.
kmal klululelexpr.extremely tired; exhausted.
kmal, mod.very; often.
kmal a olsiich a tekoi; merang; kmal di ungil, kmal soak, kmal uaisei.
mod.not very; not often; not much. Only found in negative expressions.
lsal a kmal, e ng di diak el sal meses; mengitakl e diak el sal ungil a chiklel.
kmal medalexpr.extremely tired; exhausted.
> I got sick from the sashimi, but Droteo got even sicker.
> Fish from Ngerechelong have/leave a very strong odor.
> Toki wanted to go to Guam, but her money ran out.
> Droteo and Toki are quite close or always doing things together.
> People are really taking care of me these days.
More Examples:
> What is the most important in your life?
> Do as you say, so everyone can see you are smart as you talk.
> These mahogany trees are getting so tall.
> The pond at the taro swamp has a lot of water eels.
> My boyfriend is really good in fishing.

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