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, v.s.near; close; approaching; basic.
kmeed a diak el cheroid; blik a kmeed er a skuul; kedel.
v.recip.near each other.
kaiuekeed a didu el kmeed; diak le cheroid; blimam a kaiuekeed, kedel a blai er a rael.
kileedv.s.pastalmost; nearly (past tense).
kileed a mle kmeed; a kileed el ruebet, kedel. getting near or close.
kmedang a mla mo kmeed; di kea le cheroid. about to get near or close.
kmedung a kmedang.
See also: , ,
> I was so embarrassed I thought I'd die.
> When your heart wants to come close to my heart, it's like a person who wants to travel to the rocks in the reef.
> It's been almost a week since he's been staying here.
> I was so ashamed I thought I'd die.
> Keep a stiff upper lip - things will improve (lit. morning is approaching).
> Be strong, morning is nigh.
Encouragement to the depressed to take heart.
> Our nose is close (to the mouth), but cannot be licked.
i.e. we shouldn't be too sure of, or overconfident in, ourselves.
> Like the insects which stays at ashes of fire but doesn't burn.
You're near a situation which needs immediate attention but you don't lend a hand.
More Examples:
> I I was close to worrying everyone as I was a little late.
> I almost got ran over by a car riding my bicycle.
> Can you come closer to me?
> Would you clean them taros as you are closer to them.
> Point to the person nearest to you.

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