chais, n., [From J?] ] news.
chais a ongasireng el tekoi; merael el tekoi, "chad a milengchii a bilis" a chais; chisel a desiu, chisel mekomad.
kodall, n.death.
kodall a mo diak a klengar er ngii; mo diak a telil; mad, kodellel.
mengedall, v.t.pole or paddle (canoe) towards left; walk to left side of (elders) to show respect; compete with someone by trying to better him; play game of one-upsmanship (especially, in chanting).
mengedall a orrimel; kodellii el orrenges er ngii; kodall a uldasu, kedellel. mengedall a melikes el olsarech er a katur; meluu er a beluu, klobak; kedellel a mlai.

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