, pro.you (nonemphatic, plural).
ko a kemiu; ko mekerang? ko mo er ker e sechelei? ko mla mei!
> I've just heard the news.
> All the animals were starting to be really glad and they were somewhat comforted.
> We sort of became a little bit worried.
> If you find something good, then remember us.
> I'm kind of sick.
> You're like the stork which flies with its legs dangling.
You leave unfinished business behind and split.
> You're a flying kite, but i hold the guide string.
No matter how much you play around, you always come back to me.
> He's like the road in Ngerebodel (which doesn't go anywhere in particular)
i.e. he's expanding a lot of effort but not getting anywhere. There was once, in the hamlet of Ngerebodl (in Koror, central Palau), reputedly a very fine boulder path which began and ended nowhere in particular. The idiom may describe a person who seems to be working hard toward no apparent objective
> It's like taking a shower at Tellei's bath, when somebody takes a shower, you shiver from the cold.
Someone's actions makes you embarrassed.
> Like Tangerekoi
The tangerekoi is a portion of the rafters of a club or community hall that serves as a shelf (rekoi). It is also the name of a demigod ranking with several figures who are mentioned in the origin legends. The idiom refers to the multiple functions of the tangerekoi (even as rafters, or shelf), as resembling the work of a woman's world. When a person is already busy and is asked to take on another task, he may say: "Who do you think I am, Tangerekoi?
More Examples:
> We can say they're like sardines without heads in a can.
> Lukes looks really weird because she is just cutting her hair and it's all messed up.
> May I be excused and go to bed, feeling a bit sleepy.
> Do as you say, so everyone can see you are smart as you talk.
> The silhouette of that woman is very attractive.

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