kmes, v.s.(clothes, etc.) tight; (rope, etc.) taut; (relationship) close.
kmes a diak el mimokl; diak le medidai; kmes a bilel, okes, kmes el oeacher; kesengel.
kosekeskosekes a telkib el kmes; kekmes, diak el medidai, oecherel a kosekes, kesengel.
kmes a usekerel el chadexpr.person who is hard to coax or flatter; person who is firm or straight-laced.
See also:
> A man whose breechcloth is closed
A well-organized man, particularly one who uses his money carefully; hence, sometimes, a stingy person.
mengesekes, v.t.sing (chant of Modekngei; lullaby); sing and rock baby to sleep.
mengesekes a oltekau e mengitakl el omechiuaiu; kosekesengii a ngelekel; kesekesengel. a mengesekes er ngii; oba er a ouach; mla kosekesengii a ngelekel; meririau er ngii.
v.a.s.(chant, lullaby, etc.) is to be sung.
kesekesengall a kirel el mekesekes; kosekesengii a ngalek, kesekesengel.
klsekesv.r.s.(chant, lullaby, etc.) sung.

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