menges, v.t.grate or scrape (usually, coconut, sometimes, taro).
menges a kosir; kmes a lius el oba onges; kesil. menges a meruul a kelel a klechedaol; kosir, kmes a kles. a menges er ngii; mla kosir a lius, kesil. a menges, kmes a lius, kesil a ius. kmes a menges; meruul a kelel a klechedaol; kosir a kelel a cheldebechellek.
kesiilv.a.s.(coconut or taro) is to be grated or scraped.
kesiil a kirel el mekes; menges a lius, kesiil a kles er a klechedaol, kosir, kmes a kles, kesil.
v.r.s.(coconut or taro) grated or scraped.
kles a mla mekes; lius a kles; menges, kosir, kmes a lius, kesil.
mekesv.erg.mekes a menges; kosir, kmes a lius, kesil a lius.
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> A man whose breechcloth is closed
A well-organized man, particularly one who uses his money carefully; hence, sometimes, a stingy person.

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