mengimd, v.t.cut/trim (someone's) hair; trim (shrubs; trees; betel nuts; etc.); cut (string; wire; etc.).
mengimd a kimdii; kuimd a cheiul el mo mekedeb; kemdel. a mengimd er ngii; melebes a mengimd; kuimd a cheiul, kemdel a chui.
kakimdv.recip.cut each other's hair.
kakimd a didu el mengimd; kimdii, kuimd a bderrir, kemdel a chui.
v.r.s.(hair) cut; (shrubs, etc.) trimmed; (string, etc.) cut.
klimd a klmudel; delebes a cheiul mla mekimd, kimdii, kuimd a cheiul, kemdel.
klmudel a klimd.
v.a.s.(hair) is to be cut; (shrubs, etc.) are to be trimmed; (string, etc.) is to be cut.
kmudel a kirel el mekimd; chiuk a kmudel; buuch a mla tuobed a bngal me ng kmudel; kirel el mekimd, kemdel.
mekimdv.erg.mekimd a mengimd; kimdii a bdelul, kuimd a chiul, melebes, kemdel.
mengemkimdv.t.redup.keep cutting or trimming (someone's) hair.
mengemkimd a mekekokil el mengimd a chui, bung; melebes.
diak lemekimdexpr.go on unceasingly; persist.
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> The rain isn't stopping.
> The meeting is lasting forever.
More Examples:
> Lukes looks really weird because she is just cutting her hair and it's all messed up.

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