kukau, n.taro (tuber).
kukau a techel a dait; kukungel.
kukungeln.poss.3skukungel a kukau er ngii; klebngel.
> Like eating a forked taro corm.
Taro (Colocasia esculenta) generally grows like a single fat carrot. Some corms, however, develop one or more points or forks. The image conveyed by this idiom is that of a man beset by many tasks, trying to decide among them.
> Like taro, though the leaves are tall, still immature.
Taro (Colocasia esculenta) is mature only when the leaves produced by the plant are small. When the plant produces its largest leaves the tuber in the ground is still quite small. The saying may be applied to a person who, while yet young and inexperienced, is proud and boastful.
More Examples:
> These uncooked baskets of taro had to be carried by the young men to the boat at the channel to go on the trip.
> I would like to eat grilled ume and taro.
> Would you clean them taros as you are closer to them.
ongraol, n.starch; starchy food. [The possessed forms are sometimes avoided in polite conversation since they can also be used as swear words.].
ongraol a renguul el kall; diokang me a brak, ongraol, ongulel.
onguleln.poss.3songulel a ongraol er ngii.
oungraolv.t.have or use or eat something as starchy food.
ongulek el kukauexpr.my taro (for eating).
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> Cooking ongraol is hard work.
> Darn you! (relatively mild insult).

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