, v.i.used to introduce various expressions of imprecise knowledge in which an event is generally known to have occurred but some specifics are unknown.
kmung kerexpr.somewhere (I don't know where).
kmung kilskelii
/kmong kilskelii
expr.something happened to it (or him or her) (I don't know what).
kmung kusakl
/kmong kusakl
expr.something bad happened (I don't know what).
kmung mekerang
/kmong mekerang
expr.somehow (I don't know how).
kmung ngarang
/kmong ngarang
expr.something (I don't know what).
kmung ngera uchul
/kmong ngera uchul
expr.some reason (I don't know what).
kmung oingerang
/kmong oingerang
expr.sometime (I don't know when).
kmung ongetelang
/kmong ongetelang
expr.some number (I don't know which).
kmung techang
/kmong techang
expr.someone (I don't know who).
kmung telang
/kmong telang
expr.some quantity (I don't know how many).
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> The children are playing somewhere or other.
> Droteo went somewhere or other.
> Someone or other came looking for you.
More Examples:
> He climbed into the car and went I don't know where.
mekesakl, v.t.go wrong.
mekesakl a metemall; mla mekesakl ngalek? mla kuskelii? ke mla kusakl a udoud?
/kuseklii what with it/to it?
kuseklii a mekera er ngii; ke mla kuseklii a ngalek me ng lmangel? what with them? how does it affect (other things)?
kusakl a ngmodech; metemall, mla kusakl a babier?
klsaklv.r.s.(something) wrong/the matter.
klsakl a ngar er ngii a telemall; mla mekesakl? ke klsakl? tia ng klsakl?
mekesaklpro.what is wrong.
> Nothing will go wrong./Nothing will happen to it.
> Why aren't you eating?
> How will machines affect us?
> What's wrong with your hand?
> Something's wrong between Satsko and Tony.
More Examples:
> There's nothing wrong with me. I'm just lazy.
> What's wrong with him or her?
> What 's wrong with you?
> Hon, whats wrong with your lips?

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