me a lechub
/a lechub
, conj.or.
lechub a melekoi er a mengodech me a mlengodech; renguk ke mla mo ourreor e a lechub e ke mechiuaiu; ke mo ourreor a lechub e ng diak? a lechub
> Who's a better teacher - Toki or Droteo?
> The teacher reads, or the child reads the first paragraph again on his own.
> Either Cisco or Tony is coming to my house.
> I am going to read you a list of statements and you tell if you agree, disagree, neutral or don't know.
> Are you going to the movies, or are you going to the party?
More Examples:
> Your picture at the rock island, what are you sitting on? Is it bamboo raft or tin canoe?
> Is that your dream or did it really happen?
> I'm borrowing money not less than a thousand dollars.
> We use basins to put water or food in.
> Do you want to have lunch or dinner sometime?

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