, n.
coconut tree.
lius meklou el kerrekar el ourodech; lius a kall e ilumel a rdechel. A lius a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng ta er a kmal el klou a belkul el dellomel; ng sebechel el kall a redechel e dirrek el ilumel. A chelechedal me a llel a dirrek el sebechel el klalo.
liseln.poss.3slisel a lius el ngii.a oulius.
> I'm sitting on a coconut frond.
> (lit., The coconut is to be matched.) A similar incident/accident is likely to happen soon.
> How many coconuts do you have?
> How many coconuts are there?
> How many coconuts do you have?
> It's like the rat of Ngerard, which eats up all your coconuts and (then) all of ours.
It's a decision, plan etc. that will backfire. A pet rat owned by Mad, chief of Ngaraard, ate the coconuts of most of the chief's neighbors, then, still hungry, ate the chief's own coconuts.
More Examples:
> That's a lot of coconuts.
> Crack the coconut into halves.
> Squeeze the wet cloth with grated coconut in it to squeeze out the coconut milk.
> My ypung coconut trees are sprouting real good.
> Put some crated coconut in the piece of cloth.

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