lluich, num.20 [twenty] (unit of time; human; animal; nonliving thing).
lluich a ochur (20), lluich el klebesei, lluich el ngalek.
> 20 fish were speared in the head by the skillful fisherman.
> We'll continue to collect more coconuts until we have twenty.
> 20 fish were speared in the head by the skillful fisherman.
> The skillful fisherman speared 20 fish in the head.
udoud, n.money; cash.
udoud a klalo el usbechall er a klaiuechar; udoud a omechar a kar; udoud er a Belau; bekerrekerongel a merau; udoud a kedmekill el omech a bkaischemrungel; ududel
ududeln.poss.3sududel a udoud el ngii a oudoud.
ududek el lluich el klukexpr.my twenty dollars.
ududir a rengalekexpr.Palauan money given to children by father's family when either parents died.
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> They have plenty of money and possessions.
> I have less money than you.
> My money's run out.
> Droteo had the misfortune of losing his money.
> If I had money, (then) I'd buy a new car.
> Destroying his money.
Marriage within the clan, generally considered incestuous, limits the value of the food-money exchange, since the materials simply change hands within the same clan group. A man so married is criticized as having destroyed his source of wealth.
More Examples:
> We like it quick and easy money making schemes without thinking for the future.
> Can I give you my money for beer when you go to the store?
> My cousins and I helped with some money for my uncle's wife.
> The sum of all the money that was collected, I was able to buy my house.
> Did you pay back your debt to your father, the money you borrowed last month?

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