melechet, v.t.tie; wind or wrap around; bandage; handcuff; tie up (one's) time; keep (person) occupied or busy.
melechet a lochetii; sourii, mla lmechet a sualo; lechetel. a melechet er ngii. a melechet; mesaur a billum; lechetel a chimal.
kelechetv.recip.tie (each other's arm or legs) (as a joke).
kelechet a di du el melechet; kerenged, merenged, lochetii, lmechet a biskang, lechetel.
/lechetall to be tied or wrapped.
lechotel a lechetall.
lechetall a kirel el melechet; lochetii, lmechet a klalo.
v.r.s.tied; wrapped; kept occupied or busy.
llechet a selaur; mla melechet; llechotel, rrengodel, lochetii, lmechet, lechetel.
llechotel a llechet.
v.erg.redup.easy to tie.
melelchelechet a beot el melechet; lochetii; beot el modak e mesaur.
See also:
> I'm bandaging up my injured hand.

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