meleng, v.t.borrow; rent; hire.
meleng a omed; longir; lmeng a udoud, meleng er a oles, lengil a udoud.
longir a meleng er ngii. a meleng; omed, mla lmeng a udoud er a bank, lengil.
kalenglengv.recip.redup.borrow (each other's things).
kalengleng a didu el meleng; kabedbed a udoud; omed a udoud; longir, lmeng kalengleng a olekang.
kelengv.recip.borrow (each other's things).
keleng a kalengleng, kebed a udoud; meleng a udoud, omed a ududel to be borrowed.
lengiil a bedoel; kirel el meleng; kirel obed a udoud el mo cheral a mlai; lengiil a udoud er a bank.
lleng a bled; beldoel; mla meleng; ududel a lleng, longir, lmeng, lengil a udoud.
melenglengv.t.redup.borrow (things) continually.
melengleng a smau e blechoel meleng; ousbech a kloklir a rechad; melengleng el mo e mei.
lengiil a for rent; hotel.
See also:
> Toki always used to borrow money.
More Examples:
> My neighbor borrowed my car and drove it into a mango tree.
> Palauan language is limited and there are many foreign words being used.
> I'm borrowing money not less than a thousand dollars.
> Can I borrow your book?
> They returned the borrowed plates.

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