kele, mod.don't ... (because); I wonder if; maybe.
kele a tekoi el kirel a omengelechel; alii ng diak; kele bochu mongesuch; kele morutech er tilecha el kall.
E kele ng locha sebechekexpr.I could, maybe I could . .
kele bochungexpr.don't go there.
kele lochaexpr.maybe.
kele mdungexpr.You don't say! (typically used as friendly reply to friendly teasing; lit. don't say that).
kele moraelexpr.don't go.
kele moumulakexpr.don't lie.
kele mrurtexpr.don't run.
> I wonder if it wasn't you who took my pencil.
> Don't go to the movies because you're to watch the house.
More Examples:
> The crickets were really chirping last night; maybe someone is sick or died.
> The spirits knew that our home land is becoming deserted.
locha, mod.perhaps; maybe.
locha a oumededenger; ng locha mo er a skuul er a Oreor; diak el sal medengei.
> Perhaps I'll go to school tomorrow.
> Put the breadfruits in the pot.
> I wonder what the approximate age of the old man may be.
> Maybe they've gotten sick.
More Examples:
> Pretty soon they'll disown me.
> We can say they're like sardines without heads in a can.
> I serm to have a motor mouth.
> There might be a few drops of oil in the bottle.
> Pour 4 cups of pancake mix in a basin.

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