melemolem, v.t.lay down (long object) lengthwise; complete (work, schooling, etc); accomplish; follow (path, stream, etc); continue; be too lenient with (usually, children).
melemolem a diak el ullebongel; lomelemii a skulel, lomolem a cheldecheduch, omekekedelad; lemelemel. a melemolem er ngii; lomelemii a omerolel. a melemolem; ngalek a mla lomolem a soal, lemelemel.
kelemolemv.recip.follow each other's wishes/suggestions.
kelemolem a di du el melemolem; lomelemii a rengul, lomolem, ketamet a rengrir; kaiuetoir a kelemolem a reng.
lemelemallv.a.s.(long object) is to be laid down lengthwise; (work, schooling, etc.) is to be completed; is to be accomplished; (path, stream, etc.) is to be followed.
lemelemall a kirel melemolem; diak lemeterob, urreor a lemelemall, lomelemii a urreor; lomolem, lemelemel.
llemolemv.r.s.(long object) laid down lengthwise; (work, schooling, etc.) completed; accomplished; (path, stream, etc.) followed; parallel.
llemolem a telamet; mla melemolem; lemelemel, lilemelemii a skuul a mlo er a ullebongel; llemolem a skulel, bambuu a llemolem er a rael.
See also:
> I will continue to be happy.
> I will continue to be happy.
> Due to the weather conditions and increasing hazardous surf, the National Emergency Office (NEMO) is issuing a Small Craft Warning for the entire Republic of Palau. Water conditions from outside the reef through all exposures are very rough at this time. Travel between Peleliu and Angaur, Kayangel and Ollei and/or outside the reefs are strictly prohibited. Small craft warning flags have been raised and the republic is requested to observe this warning. NEMO will continue to monitor these marine conditions and advise the public accordingly.
> You will continue to observe the Law.
> Be firm in your resolve to finish your schooling.
More Examples:
> My lack of experience prevented me from maintaining any relationships.

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