melatk, v.t.remember; recall; think about; plan for; wish/hope good things for.
melatk a omdasu; lotkii, lmatk, ngar er a skoki e melatk er a Belau, ltkel. a melatk er ngii; kulebes er ngii e kuk lotkii. a dobedebek; lotkang; diak lobes, ak mla lmatk a klumech, lotkii, ltkel.
kelatkv.recip.remember/think about each other.
kelatk a didu el melatk; kadebedebek; rekaiuetoir a di du el kelatk; lotkii, lmatk a cheldechedechal, ltkel.
llatk a mla lmatk; mla dobedebek.
lotkangv.t.inch.begin to remember.
ltukelv.a.s.(someone) is to be remembered (because he will be a titled person).
ltukel a kirel a omelatk; ungil a omerellel el chad a ltukel; klou a omelatk el kirel; kedung el chad a ltukel, ltkel.
meltelatkv.t.redup.think about continually.
meltelatk a blechoel el melatk; telkib el melatk.
melatk a rengulexpr.consider someone's feelings.
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> I'm thinking about going (or planning to go) fishing tomorrow.
> You think only of Present, not of Future.
Chelechang (Present) and Chrechar (Future) were brothers. Present was the favorite of his mother. These are the words of Future reprimanding his mother. The idiom is used of those who inadequately plan for the future.

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