kmal, mod.very; often.
kmal a olsiich a tekoi; merang; kmal di ungil, kmal soak, kmal uaisei.
mod.not very; not often; not much. Only found in negative expressions.
lsal a kmal, e ng di diak el sal meses; mengitakl e diak el sal ungil a chiklel.
kmal medalexpr.extremely tired; exhausted.
> When you act that way, you become more and more my favorite child.
> There are a lot of complaints about the noise from cars.
> I got more and more interested in/excited about the dance.
> They are intimate with or close to each other.
> He's so busy playing around that his responsibilities are neglected.
More Examples:
> These mahogany trees are getting so tall.
> No, so I really have to study tonight.
> My meat is to tough
> My mom doesnt really want me to have a motorcycle.
> No matter where we go, we never stop thinking of our families.

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