melecholech, v.t.saw; cut with a saw.
melecholech a melebes el oba olecholech; luchelechii, lucholech a kerrekar, lechelechel. a melecholech er ngii. a melecholech; lucholechii a kerrekar.
kelecholechv.recip.injure each other (accidentally) with saws.
kelecholech a didu el melecholech; lucholech a idungel, melebes, meliud, luchelechii a kerrekar, lechelechel.
/lechelechall to be sawed.
lecheluchel a lechelechall.
lechelechall a kirel el melecholech; lecheluchel, luchelechii a kerrekar, tukur, dobesii, lechelechel.
llecholech a mla melecholech; teluk, delebes, luchelechii, lucholech a kerrekar.
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> It is exactly marked and it is to cut when when we need to saw it.

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