omcholo, v.caus.scale (fish); make angry.
omcholo a melai a cholo; mecheleuii a ngikel; mecholo, ocheleuel. a omecholo er ngii; melai a cholo. a omecholo; ngmai a cheleuel, mcholo a ngikel, mcheleuii.
mocholov.erg.mocholo a ulecholo; nglai a cheleuel; mecholo; mecheleuii a ngikel, ocheleuel.
v.a.s.(fish) is to be scaled.
chocholoall a ngeiuul a cholo er ngii; kirel el mocholo; mecheleuii, mecholo a ngikel; chocheleuel.
ocheleuall a kirel el mocholo; mengai a cheleuel; mecholo a ngikel, mecheleuii, ocheleuel.
v.r.s.(fish) scaled.
ulecholo a mla mocholo; mecheleuii, mecholo; nglai a chelouel a maml.
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More Examples:
> We use fish scale to scale fish
> Did you descale the fish on the outdoor prepairing area?

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