, v.s.salty; salty food.
mecherocher a cherrocher; telemtemul a daob me a sar; cherrecherel.
mechecherocherv.s.redup.rather salty.
mechecherocher a telkib el mecherocher; bekedaob.
/mechercherang getting salty.
mechercherang a mla mo mecherocher; klou a sar, daob er ngii.
mengarm a mecherocherexpr.take risk; bite off more than one can chew; overextend oneself.
See also:
> Bitter and salty.
The strategy of "doing things the hard way." When alternatives are available, the appropriate choice is the more difficult one. In voice, expression, and action there is a positive accent on personal ability.
More Examples:
> It's salty.
> This is too salty.
> My meat is a little too salty.

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