mechut, v.s.old; worn out; decayed; spoiled; stagnant; (skin) broken out or having allergic reaction or irritated (with rash).
v.s.very old; aged; rusted; used up. getting old, worn out, etc.
> My car is really getting old and is making rattling noises.
> Old sails.
Lineages so named can be traced, by clan historians, to origins outside of the village of residence, but they have been around long enough for their "sails" (of the hypothetical canoe that brought them) to have become old. Generally speaking, members of such lineages will be able to obtain some titles in the clan to which they belong, but not if persons of equal ability are available in the techel a miich ranking.
More Examples:
> There will be a demolition of the old house two days from now.
> Things items in this store are old.

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