menguiu,; look closely at; look at (oneself, in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior).
menguiu a omes; melelem; chemuiu a mederir; chuieuii a babier; chiuel. a menguiu er ngii; omes a babier; menguiu er a medal er a direk. a menguiu, omes, chuieuii a babier, chemuiu a mechesang.
chachuiuv.recip.look closely at each other; read (each other's) books.
chachuiu a di du el menguiu, omes, chuieuii a smecher, chemuiu a babier, chiuel a smecher.; looked at closely.
cheluiu a ules; mla mechuiu; menguiu, chuieuii a babier, chemuiu a mederir, chieuel. to be read or looked at closely.
mechichuiuv.erg.redup.easy to read.
mechichuiu a beot el mechuiu, medangch; ungil llechukl a mechichuiu, menguiu, chuieuii, chemuiu.
mengchechichuiuv.t.redup.keep reading; read a lot.
mengchechichuiu a telkib e blechoel el menguiu a babier; omes.
mengichuiuv.t.redup.keep reading; read a lot.
mengichuiu a telkib el menguiu a babier; omeseues.
chad er a menguiuexpr.avid reader; bookworm.
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> I'm about to read the book.
> Sally is reading that book.
> I reread the book./I read the book again.
> The teacher reads, or the child reads the first paragraph again on his own.
> I am going to read you a list of statements and you tell if you agree, disagree, neutral or don't know.
More Examples:
> I was still reading it and he came and yanked it out of my hands.
> Read my heart well and don't get smitten by what covers it.
> I have a hard time reading Palauan.

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