omech, v.t.connect; wait for (especially to ask a favor); splice; provide (oneself, others) with adequate supply, shelter, etc. emergency or other contingency; tide over.
omech a odak erung el mo tang, omech a mamed, udoud a mech ocheraol, did a omech a beluu.
/mechir a mechir; omech er ngii, diak el dob er a belsechel; mla mechii a ocheraol, becheel. a omech; ungil el ourreor a mech a taem, oldak a erung; mechir, mech a ekil. to be connected.
bechoel a kirel el obech el mo ta medal, omech er a taem, mechir a omerael diak el dob, mech a eru el baeb el mo tang; bechil a baeb.
blech a blechoel; mla obech, uldeod, did a blech.
ulech a blech; mla mouech; odak erung el mo tang; mechir el mo kemanget; rael a ulech el mo er a Melekeok.
blechoelv.r.s.connected with a joint; always; do habitually; invariably do.
blechoel a blech; mla obech, di ngar er ngii er a bek el taem; mechir, mech, blechelel.
kebechv.recip.wait for each other.
kebech a didu el omech; ometech, menga e mechei a kelel a dibus, kebech a omech a besebes el mo mekemanget; becheel.
v.erg.mouech a ulech; mechir; Oreor me a Babeldaob a mla mouech er a did.
omech a beluuexpr.connect two areas (with bridge; etc.).
omech er a klengerengerexpr.take the edge of one's hunger.
omech er a rengulexpr.take the edge of one's hunger.
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> Toki always used to borrow money.
> John is always acting bossy.
> Don't be afraid of your enemies; always be courageous.
> I always prepare Droteo's food.
> The image of your face is always appearing in my mind.
More Examples:
> My brother used to get the betelnuts. Now that he left, it's my duty.
> The pipes connected are not leaking
> When I eat clam, the big muscle always gets stuck in my teeth.
> Long distance realtionship are hard and misunderstandings are always a concern.
> My father had always made ropes from coconut husks at the boating house with his friends.
omoech, v.t.throw (long object) over considerable distance.
omoech a omurech el mo er a bab e mochu er eou; omoech er a biskang; moech a uloech, bechel a biskang. a omoech er ngii; omurech er ngii; mechii a lild, moech a uloech, bechel a uloech. a omoech; mechii a biskang; moech a uloech el mo cheroid.
bechallv.a.s.(long object) is to be thrown.
bechall a kirel el oboech; uloech a bechall. mechii, moech a biskang, bechel.
bloechv.r.s.(long object) thrown.
bloech a mla oboech; uloech a bloech er a chetkongel; mechii a uloech, moech a biskang, bechel.
keboechv.recip.throw (long objects) together.
keboech a di du el omoech; mechii, moech a biskang; kaidesachel el keboech a uloech.
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