mengiud, v.t.twist; wring (clothes).
mengiud a mengiuetokl; chemiud a selokel; chiuedii a chimal, chiuedel. a mengiud er ngii. a choiuetokl, mengiuetokl, mengiud a chimal.
chachiudv.recip.twist (each other's arms).
chachiud a mengitituokel; didu el mengiud, chachiudchim el kirel a chutem, chachiud a uldesuir el kirel a mesei.
cheliudv.r.s.twisted; wrung out.
cheliud a ngklel a ta er a bedengel a rrellel a dekool, melamech a cheliud.
/chiuedall to be twisted or wrung.
chiuedall a kirel el mechiud; mengiud, mechiuetokl, chiuedii, chemiud a selokel, chiuedel.
mechiudv.erg.mechiud a cheliud; chebirukel; mla mechiud a cheldecheduch, chiuedii a chimal, chiuedel.
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> We should chew homegrown tobacco.

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