melasech, v.t.chop/whittle/carve (log for canoe); build (house); (cat) claw at.
melasech a melobech; dosechii a mlai, dmasech a dilukai, desechel. a melasech er ngii; desechel.
v.r.s.carved; built.
delasech a mla medasech; blai a delsachel, melasech, dosechii, dmasech, desechel.
delsachel a delasech; mla medasech, mla meruul, dosechii, dmasech a mlai, desechel a dilukai.
desachelv.a.s.desachel a kirel el medasech; chad er a desachel a meruul a blai, melasech a blai, desechel.
medasechv.erg.medasech a delasech; dosechii, meruul; dmasech a itabori, desechel.
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> He's quiet and motionless (like a carved doll).
> My house is built of ironwood.
> I carved the canoe and then painted it.
> The old man is teaching the boy how to carve canoes.

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