meleb, v.t.interrupt (conversation, life); kill; stop (blood).
meleb a dobengii; meruul el mo diak lorael; dueb a mekemanget el cheldecheduch; meleb olloi; debengel a olloi. a meleb er ngii, torebengii, mla dobengii a kemanget e blelekl el cheldecheduch.
dueb a torob; meleb a olloi, dueb a cheldecheduch, mekemad a dueb a betok el klengar; kodeb, duebes to be interrupted or killed.
debongel a kirel el medeb; meterob; dobengii a kemanget e . blelekl el cheldecheduch, dueb a klautok er a blai.
delebv.r.s.interrupted; killed.
deleb a mla medeb, mo diak lolemolem, ngalek a deleb a medal ng dimlak el lemelemii a cheliuaiu.
delebongelv.r.s.interrupted; killed.
delebongel a diak el llemolem; mla medeb; dobengii a cheliuaiu; delebongel a klengar er ngii a mlokoad, debengel a medal.
medebv.erg.medeb a deleb; a diak lellemolem, dobengii, dueb, mla medeb a cheldecheduch; debengel.
melebecholloiv.s.have a habit of interrupting.
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> A ghost or evil spirit has slapped him (i.e. he's having an epileptic fit).
> Satsko fled when she saw the ghost.
> Let me interrupt you.
> His life was cut short.
> Mark of the spirit.
A natal, or birth, mark
> Slap of the spirit.
Good speakers are not too animated, control their emotions and gestures, and do not salivate while talking. Those who do are compared to the epileptic, who has been "slapped by the spirit."
More Examples:
> There is a ghost at the mangrove channel.

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