meleu, v.t.fold; crease; bend; make (string) double or triple strength before tying.
meleu a dour a babier, dmeu a chimal; diak le melemalt; deul a babier. a meleu er ngii, mla dour a chimal. a meleu; dmeu a betok el babier, dour a bail, meleu a bambuu el ochado er a ngau; deuil.
v.r.s.folded; creased; bent.
deleu a mla medeu; deleuul; diak el melemalt; llemolem, dour a chimal, dmeu a babier, meleu, deul.
deleuul a deleu. to be folded/creased/bent.
medeuv.erg.get folded, creased or bent.
medeu a deleu; dour, dmeu a chimal; medeu a diak le melemalt, deul a chim.
Doleu!expr.Let's go!.
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> I'm dying of hunger.
> Droteo is so sick that when he tries to lift himself up with his arms, they just bend (in weakness).
> I will continue to be happy.
> Let's go! (lit., Let's bend (our legs)).
> Proud people are the ones who are happy.

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