olekebekabes, v.caus.redup.keep dangling (limb, etc.).
olekebekabes a mekudem el olekabes.
mekebekabesv.s.redup.hanging down; dangling.
mekebekabes a ulekabes; kuabes, marek el tuu a mekebekabes er a sers.
v.r.s.hanging or dangling continually.
ulekebekabes a mekebekabes; ultobed el telkib el cheroid; ochil a chad a ulekebekabes er a mlai.
See also:
> Like the purple swamp hen, flying off with its legs hanging down
The purple swamp hen (uek; other sources name another bird, sechou [heron]) is careless about its legs when it flies, letting them dangle in flight instead of neatly tucking them up like other, more trim flyers. The saying applies to persons who do sloppy work or carelessly leave a task half finished
> You're like the stork which flies with its legs dangling.
You leave unfinished business behind and split.

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