kemanget, n.length (of string, etc.) which exceeds what is needed or expected.
kemengeteln.poss.3skemengetel a klemanget er ngii; kekemangel.
kekemangetv.s.redup.tall; long.
kekemanget a kemangel; metongakl, diak el kedeb, kekemanget el bambuu, kekemengetel.
v.s.tall; long (in time or dimension).
kemanget a kekemanget; diak le kekedeb; kemangel.
kemangel a kekemanget; kemangel el cheldecheduch a olturekreng.
/mekekemanget; long.
mekemanget a mekekemanget.
mekekemanget a kemanget; tereu a mekekemanget er a telmedeu; diak el kedeb.
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> My older brothers' arms are long.
> You sleep for a very long time.
> Long of arm.
A person with a "long arm" gives gifts far and wide; he is well liked for his generosity
More Examples:
> This person has a long nose.

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