mengudem, close together; shorten (distance between objects, time between events).
mengudem a kuudem; remuul el mo mekudem; diak le merames; kudem a dait; kudemii; kdemel. a mengudem; remuul el mo mekudem; kudemii, kuudem a delemel a dait, kdemel.
v.recip.close to each other (in a row).
kaiuekudem a mekudem; diak el merames; blai er a Oreor a kaiuekudem; kaiuekeed, kdemel.
kakudem a didu el mekudem; diak lemerames, kuudem a delemel a dait; kudemii, kdemel a dait.
kdemallv.a.s.are to be placed close together in space or time.
kdemall a kirel mo mekudem; kudemii, kuudem a sersel a merechorech, kdemel.
kludemv.r.s.placed close together (in space or time).
kludem a kaiuekeed; mekudem, kudemii; kuudem, mekudem el dellomel
mekdekudemv.i.redup.always do things with short intervals in between.
mekdekudem a mekudem; blechoel el meruul a ocheraol, mekdekudem el omechar el chad; mekudem el oldingel, kdemel a ocheraol.
mekudemv.s.close together (in space or time); (face) small or narrow; (something) happen repeatedly or frequently.
mekudem a kaiuekeed; diak lechacheroid; mekudem a ocheraol, kludem, kudemii, kdemel.
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> You visit Koror frequently so at least visit your relatives.
techiir, n.handnet with handle; cloth or screen for pressing coconut milk; sheath at base of coconut frond (used for pressing coconut milk).
techiir a klekedall el melechiir; techiir er a lius; techiir er a chemang, ticherii; techerel.
techereln.poss.3stecherel a techiir er ngii.
mekudem a techerelv.s.(person who) understands or catches everything.
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More Examples:
> Squeeze the wet cloth with grated coconut in it to squeeze out the coconut milk.
> Wet the cloth.
> Put some crated coconut in the piece of cloth.

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