chais, n., [From J?] ] news.
chais a ongasireng el tekoi; merael el tekoi, "chad a milengchii a bilis" a chais; chisel a desiu, chisel mekomad.
chesimer, n.door; cage; enclosure.
chesimer a melenget; tengetengel a tuangel, chosmerii, chosimer a blai, chesmerel.
emel, n.poss.3sinterior; rear of enclosed space; interior end of mangrove channel.
emel a chelsel; diak le ikrel; a mlai ulak er emel, blimam a ngar emel ng ulsechesech.
kataki, n., [From Japanese] enemy; revenge.
melai er a katakiexpr.take revenge.
klengar, n.existence; life.
klengar a ngar; ngar er ngii a telil; outeliil a chad; klengar a okedeldaol, kemanget a klengar er ngii.
melai, v.t.bring; take; get; receive; obtain; take (amount of time); lay claim to; take away; remove.
melai a ngmai; nguu; ngeiul.
nglosech, n.section of thatched roof of bai.
nglosech a blingelel a chado er a blai me a bai; rurrot a omechar a nglosech er a bai.
techei, n.action of changing or replacing; replacement; substitute.
tekoi, n.word; speech; language; action; deed; matter; custom; advice (given verbally); issue; case; event.
tekoi a cheldecheduch; tekoi el lolekoi a rechad; omelekoi, tekingel.

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