melalem, v.t.plant; stay/spin in a fixed spot.
melalem a dolemii; dualem, oltuu er a chutem; melalem a diokang, dualem a lius, delemel. a melalem er ngii; dolemii a kebui. a melalem; mla dualem a lius me a buuch me a tuu.
delalem a mla medalem; dait a delalem, dellomel, dolemii, dualem, delemel.
delomelv.a.s.delomel a kirel el medalem; dualem a delomel el diokang, dolemii a delomel el lius, delemel.
dolemiangv.inch.dolemiang a ko el mocha dolemii; keed er a dechad e lak dolalem.
medalemv.erg.medalem a delalem; dellomel, dolemii, dualem a dait, mla medalem, melalem, delemel.
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> The meat is to be roasted and eaten with bitter herbs and with bread made without yeast.
> You will have to sweat and work hard to make the plants grow.
> He's like a good (lit. fast) top that steadies itself soon after touching the ground.
i.e. he understands or learns quickly. In Palau the top is spun in the air and dropped to the ground where it usually wobbles for a spell before it becomes "planted" or stable. The better the top, the less the wobble. A statement that is right to the point, or a decisive and good decision, is like a good top. The idiom may be applied to a person who is quick to get the point or learn a new skill.
More Examples:
> I'm planting sweet potatoes on one half and cassava on the other half.
> I planted my spotted taro plants.

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