melau, v.t.heat or cook (food) lightly; heat to make it bendable; rub or massage; beckon to (person, animal).
melau a tour; meruul el mo medemedemek er a ngau, mekeald; tmau a baklungal; teul; melau a omekodong el oba chimal, olechau er ngii el oba chimal. a melau er ngii; teul a such. a melau; tour; tmau er a mekeald; teul a such.
ketauv.recip.rub or massage each other.
ketau a di du el melau; tour a lild, tmau a such, teul a bakelungal.
metauv.erg.get heated; (plant) get wilted from heat.
metau a mechebus er a mekeald, metau er ngau; tour a bakelungal; tmau a such, teul a such.
v.r.s.heated/cooked lightly; heated so as to become bendable; rubbed; massaged.
telau a mla metau; melau a cheled tmau a such; teul er a mekeald.
teleuul a telau. to be heated or cooked lightly; is to be heated so as to become bendable; is to be rubbed or massaged.
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> He or she is wearing red earrings.

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