melebes, v.t.cut or saw (log); cut (cloth, wire, string, etc,); snip (vine, etc.).
melebes a dobesii; meluk; dortii a ungil el deleongel, duebes a besebes, debesel. a melebes er ngii; tukur, toktang a mla dobesii a ochil a smecher. a melebes; meluk, te mla duebes a seng er a dengki er a blik, debesel. to be cut or snipped.
deboklv.a.s.debokl a kirel el medebes; meluk er ngii, dobesii, duebes a keai, melebes a ngikel, mamed a debokl.
v.r.s.cut; snipped.
delebes a mla medebes; teluk; delebokl, teluk a ochil, dobesii, duebes, debesel.
dobesiangv.inch.dobesiang a ko el mocha melebes er ngii; medebesang; dobesii, tukur.
kedebesv.recip.cut (logs; etc.) together.
kedebes a didu el melebes; dobesii, duebes a llel a tuu, meluk a ngikel, debesel. be cut (unintentionally) short.
medebes a metuk; delebes a llel a tuu, dobesii, duebes, mla medebes a kereel, debesel.
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