melebisech, v.t.pierce (fish) with downward thrust of spear; pierce or cut into (earth); thrust at (with long object).
melebisech a ngii di lomurech; dibsechii a ngikel, dibisech a tekoi a meterekakl a ngerel; ngii di lolekoi; dibsechel. a melebisech er ngii. a melebisech el oba biskang; mla dibisech a ngikel. to be speared.
debsechall a kirel medebusech; dubsechii a debusech, melebusech a debusech, debsechel a seseb.
delebisech a mla medebisech; blurech, dibsechii a ngikel; dibisech, dibsechel.
kedebisechv.recip.spear each other (by accident).
kedebisech a di du el melebisech; ngii di le lomurech, dibisech a ngikel, diak lomektaut er a biskang.
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> Are there any who spear at the ground and miss?
Used to describe something that is easily accomplished.
> Aiming at the ground and missing?
From a folk tale in which the hero rebukingly challenges another to aim his spear at the ground to see if he can hit it.The saying may be applied to a situation where a person of ability is expected to succeed at a task with ease, whereas others have failed.

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