, v.t.scoop or ladle out (and keep for further use).
melecheseb a socheseb; mengisb, melecheseb a uasech, ralm; sochesebii. melecheseb a mengisb; melai a ralm el oba ongisb; sochesebii; socheseb; sechesebel. a melecheseb er ngii. a melecheseb; mengisb, socheseb a ralm; sochesebii; sechesebel.
/sechesobel to be ladled out.
secheseball a kirel mesecheseb; mengisb a ralm; sochesebii, socheseb a ralm, melecheseb; sechesebel.
sechesobel a secheseball.
v.r.s.ladled out.
selecheseb a mla mesecheseb; nglai, sochesebii, socheseb, ralm a chelisb; beltkou a ralm.
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> Like the man who made coconut syrup in Ngesebei, dipping from half-filled containers to keep one overflowing.
Pertains to a situation which may have occurred in Ngesebei, a small hamlet in Ngardmau (northern Palau): a coconutsyrup specialist always kept one coconutshell container full and in sight of guests, who, thus, would think that all of his containers were full. The idiom applies to any pointed display of opulence. It's a deceptive display of wealth.

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