melechesokl, v.t.jump (particular distance) [typically playful jumping such as children jumping around for fun].
melechesokl a suchesokl; ridekekl el mo er a bab, rebuik a melechesokl, suchesokl, secheseklel. a melechesokl er ngii; suchesokl. a melechesokl; merdekekl.
kasechesoklv.recip.jump together.
kasechesokl a didu el melechesokl; merdekekl, mla suchesokl, sucheseklii a cheroid, secheseklel.
melechesoklv.i.jump; leap.
sechesekillv.a.s.(distance) is to be jumped.
sechesekill a beot el mesechesokl; suchesokl er ngii; merdekekl er ngii.
selechesoklv.r.s.(distance) jumped.
selechesokl a mla mesechesokl; mla sucheseklii; mla ridekeklii; silchesokl er ngii; melechesokl.
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