melecholb, v.t.bathe; wash; baptize; get rid of evil spirits by ritual washing.
melecholb a melechong; tochelbii a ngalek, tocholb, techelbel. a melecholb er ngii; techelbel. a melecholb el okngemed a ralm; techelbel.
ketecholbv.recip.bathe each other; bathe together.
ketecholb a di du el melecholb; melechong, tochelbii a ngalek.
melecholbv.i.(plant) shed leaves.
metecholbv.erg.get bathed, washed or baptized.
/techelubel to be bathed or baptized.
techelball a techelubel; kirel el metechong; melechong, tochelbii, techelbel.
techelubel a techelball.
v.r.s.bathed, baptized.
telecholb a telechelubel.
telechelubel a telecholb; mla metecholb;mia melecholb; tochelbii a smecher, tocholb a mederir, techelbel.
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> You take a shower really fast.
> Droteo is bathing upstream.
> You're just like a cat washing yourself.
i.e., you have to do everything yourself because your relatives are neglecting their obligations to you.
More Examples:
> I will shower tonight.

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