melechotech, v.t.pound with fist, stone, hammer; (clock) strike hour; (engine, valve) knock.
melechotech a mesisiich el merusech, mengelebed; tuchetechii; tuchotech a suld, melechotech a chemang, techetechel. a melechotech er ngii. a melechotech; techetechel
Melechotech a Chaun.legendary figure who spent most of his time making coconut cord; was said to have had an extremely long penis.
ketechotechv.recip.pound at (each other's backs, etc.).
ketechotech a di du el melechotech; omeu; tuchetechii a chemang, tuchotech, techetechel.
/techetuchel to be pounded.
techetechall a kirel el metechotech; melechotech er a chemang; omeu er ngii.
techetuchel a techetechall.
telechotech a mla metechotech; tuchetechii a chemang, tuchotech a suld; techetechel.
> The clock is striking noon.

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