melekosek, v.t.cut/slice (odoim = non-starchy food) vertically (partially or all the way through); cut (leaves; paper; finger; etc.); castrate (pig); flatter.
melekosek a melekodek; meluk; melebes, a melekosek, melobech er ngii el oba oles. a melekosek; mla melebes; sokosek a ngikel.
kesekosekv.recip.cut each other (by accident); flatter each other.
kesekosek a didu el melekosek; melebes, sokosek a cheremrum, sokesekii a babii, sekesekel.
v.r.s.cut; sliced; (pig) castrated; flattered.
klekosek a klekodek; selekosek
selekosek a mla mesekosek; mla metuk; delebes, babii a selekosek; sokesekii, sokosek, sekesekel.
/sekesokel to be cut, sliced or flattered; (pig) is to be castrated.
sekesakel a kirel mesekosek; babii a sekesakel; sokesekii, sokosek, sekesekel; omodk.
klekosek a too much; have no control over one's mouth.
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More Examples:
> We use cutting boards for cutting or slicing food on.

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