melemall, v.t.break; shatter; injure; destroy; cast spell on (person) in order to do him harm.
melemall a tomall; merruud; toruud; a dengerenger a melemall er a rechad me a klalo; tomellii, tomall, temellel. a melemall er ngii; temellel. a melemall; toruud, mla tomellii a blai; tomall a udoud er a beluu; temellel.
ketemallv.recip.ketemall a di du el melemall; tomellii, tomall, recheldebechel a ketemall er a ultelub me a ngellakel
metemallv.erg.metemall a metemellang; tomellii a telbiil a diak el lemelemii, tomall a mlai; temellel.
metetemallv.erg.redup.metetemall a beot e mekudem el metemall; metetemall el mlai
telemallv.r.s.broken; out of order; (relationship) strained.
telemall a telerruud; mla metemall; tomall a klalo; melemall, temellel.
See also:
> The beast told them to build an image in honor of the beast that had been wounded by the sword and yet lived.
> Remeliik began nailing up Sulial's broken pigpen.
> The mouse saw his friend's injured face.
> Their child is involved in that crime.
> I'm bandaging up my injured hand.
> Like kaldos, putting medicine on a well place, rather than the injury.
Kaldos is a medical treatment, said by some to have been learned from the Germans, in which medicine is applied to a parallel member of an injured part in a way that is supposed to transfer pain to an uninjured place. The idiom is applied to a decision or action that completely misses the point or problem.
More Examples:
> This woman is loose, she has broken peoples marriage.
> Come taste/try (bitter food, sweet food, betelnut,etc.). (lit. destroy your mouth).
> John is really in a hurry; what's wrong?
> There was a crash by the bridge. Nobody got hurt.
> Im scared of gossip. It ruins relationships.

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