melengmes, polite to; respect; honor; refuse (someone's) kind offer out of politeness or consideration.
melengmes a mengull; oldanges, omotech a reng; delengmes a osiik a chioll.
delengmesv.r.s.respected; honored.
delengmes a mla medengmes; mla ngmai a chetengakl; mla morenges e modanges, dengmesioll a delengmes
/dengmesioll to be respected/honored.
dengmesioll a kirel a omelengmes; melengmes er ngii; omotech er a rengul; mengull, mesisiich er a buai a dengmesioll.
kadengmesv.recip.respect/honor each other.
kadengmes a didu el melengmes; kaiuerenges; kaiuedanges; kakerousel mengull; kakull, delengmesil.
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> Teach your child to respect themselves so that they can respect others.
> Respect
> Teachers need respect.

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