melikes, v.t.pole (raft, canoe, etc.); (leader) speak (words of song which others will sing in response).
melikes oba dekel el orrurt er a mlai; sikesii, smikes a brer. a melikes er ngii. a melikes, smikes a brer me a mlai; sikesii, sikesel.
melekelikesv.redup.go around fishing (with spear) while poling boat. beginning to pole (raft, canoe, etc.).
selikesv.r.s.(raft, canoe, etc.) poled.
selikes a mla mesikes; mlai a selikes; sikesii, smikes, melikes.
v.a.s.(raft, canoe, etc.) is to be poled.
sikesall a kirel el mesikes; sikesii a mlai; smikes, melikes a brer; sikesel a brer.
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